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We help you to provide better advice!

Experience, knowledge and inspiration: successful organisations understand how to make the best use of their employees’ expertise – and also how to share it. It is therefore becoming increasingly important that meetings are prepared for and followed-up in a flexible manner, research in archives is conducted in such a way as to save time, and documents are made available digitally. Particularly public authorities who, alongside their elective representatives and employees, also wish to inform and involve citizens, can benefit from the use of premium sessional service software.

“Without a flexible programme tailored to the users’ requirements, it is rarely possible to oversee effective committee work,” says Ralf Sternberg. The entrepreneur is the owner of STERNBERG Software GmbH & Co. KG in Bielefeld, and has been creating software solutions for public authorities, politics, administrative bodies and companies for more than 25 years. “The use of our professional software SD.NET, makes labour-intensive and time-consuming meeting preparation a thing of the past. It also makes it possible to make all documents digitally available online or on tablets without any issues,” explains the father of three children.

Session management: transparent and environmentally friendly

The STERNBERG software SD.NET makes it possible to transmit extensive information to a pre-defined group of recipients in a safe and up-to-date manner. Topic-specific documents such as templates and attachments (statutes, construction plans, etc.) can be accessed from anywhere at any time. As a result, stacks of paper and endless page turning become a thing of the past. Citizens can also choose to be involved, and access information on current topics digitally.

“Our in-house product line SD.NET enables tasks to be structured in a better way and significantly shortens timescales,” explains Robert Sternberg, son of the company founder. Budgets are conserved just as much as the environment. The software is easy to introduce and expenditure for training is low.

This is demonstrated by around 600 satisfied municipalities, companies and institutions who use the SD.NET solution. “As a family company, we are delighted to hear lots of positive feedback from our customers and are committed to promoting our motto “We help you to provide better advice!” on a daily basis,” emphasises Sternberg.

STERNBERG Software GmbH & Co.KG

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