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GDO – A different kind of temporary employment

Working when you want and as it suits you – for many people, this sounds like a dream. For around 560 employees at the GDO company, however, this has been a daily occurrence for a long time. On a weekly basis, they indicate online when they will be able to work during the coming week, based around their family, hobbies or appointments. A similar process is also used by customers of GDO: Companies such as large supermarkets tell them which tasks need to be accomplished when. This is when the company’s development comes into play, turning dreams into reality.

GDO has developed a software that matches the needs of the employee and the client and generates an operational plan. A dispatcher then takes over the final planning. The employee and the client confirm online – naturally. This is how the company, which is active throughout Germany, maps practically their entire administration process on the Internet. The company, founded in 2000, receives numerous applications for jobs each month, with one thing in common.

They can be learned in two days. This could be, for example, working at a checkout or working as a manufacturing assistant. One employee can be trained for several different positions. This increases the chances of finding suitable offers for their personal time slots. The most extraordinary thing is that the employees’ life situations are met with understanding and that they can find suitable, flexible opportunities for work as well as sick pay and holiday pay. And there is something else that is quite different, according to  information provided by GDO itself: As everyone works when they want, the sickness rate is low and motivation is extraordinarily high.

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