Authentication with the CosmoKey - easy and secure protection against cyber attacks

The problem of cybercrime gets bigger every day. German companies suffer EUR 51 billion worth of damage every year according to the IT industry association BITcom. So-called two-factor authentication offers the promise of extra safety.  Just as we need both a PIN and a bank card to use an ATM, so it make sense to that applications in private or corporate networks are accessed not just with a username and password, but secured with a remote device. The CosmoKey from Bielefeld goes one step further. By not using either a wired or wireless interface it becomes virtually impossible for hackers to attack the very user-friendly device.

Using a smartphone for security leaves open the possibility for hackers to interpose themselves and trap the code, whereas a completely independent token such as the CosmoKey provides much better protection. In addition to entering the passdata, the user must also press a button on their CosmoKey to identify themselves. This works easily from anywhere in the world. The only condition is that the token, which is as small as a modern car key, must be carried with them and charged every now and again.

Each CosmoKey is centrally managed, so that the administrator retains full control over the device, data and integration. During authentication, no data exchange takes place and no personal data is stored. Thanks to its independence from interfaces, the CosmoKey works on all devices and all operating systems. It is also suitable for access control for rooms and installations or for authentication during maintenance periods. The cost depends on the company and it is relatively small and predictable.

The founders developed CosmoKey "to solve their own problem" in the absence of a convincing solution for passwords. This project formed the basis for a 5-employee strong company which aims to bring existing security solutions within the reach of consumers. In 2016 the USA and Russia granted patents for the first solution, the CosmoKey.

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