"Outshining" the Competition

Unique LED Industrial Light Made in Bielefeld Handles Surrounding Temperatures of 70 Degrees Celsius

Even after the EU ban on mercury vapour lamps, the lights are not about to go out in the halls of industry. The LED high-bay reflector luminaire "Focus" can replace so-called HQL lights even in the highest power classes, and is extraordinarily robust and efficient to boot.

The WT Series, from the company ELS, can reach a maximum light yield lumen/watt ratio of 135 and guarantees, at a surrounding temperature of up to 70 degrees Celsius, a lifespan of 54,000 hours. This unique selling feature is made possible through innovative cooling of the high-performance LEDs: the patented process functions based on the heat exchange principle, and dissipates the accumulated heat safely through liquid-filled heat-conduction pipes. Its small size is part of the package, because the "Focus" weighs substantially less than LED high-bay reflector luminaires with standard cooling elements of aluminium.

Even halogenous metal halide lamps, which are some 25 percent brighter, can be replaced by the WT Series. A five-year guarantee underlines their long life and offers high investment security.

With a mere five employees, the ELS Energieeffiziente Lichtsysteme GmbH & Co. KG develops, produces and markets products and solutions which improve energy efficiency and lighting conditions in commercial and public spaces. ELS solutions depend on LED and T5 technologies, as well as upon "Made in Germany" quality. With the high-bay reflector luminaire "Focus", the winner of the Bielefeld Environmental and Climate Protection Award 2009 maintains its role as a European leader in technology.

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