Protection for Man and Machine

MS Protect are the bodyguards of mechanical engineering

Everyone knows them, many people have already used them and sometimes they have saved a life - airbags.  Still have questions?  The most famous example of an airbag is the rubber boot around the gear stick in older cars, which ensures a tight seal to the vehicle floor.  This principle of "protective clothing" for moving machine elements to protect against dust, dirt or weather is also used in machine tools, electrical engineering and virtually all hydraulic- and pneumatic-operated manufacturing processes.  The Bielefeld company MS Protect develops and manufactures airbags and sliding rail protectors and thus preserves machines from the proverbial spanner in the works - and people from injury.

Depending on the application and the specified safety standards, the Bielefeld comany conceives highly-tailored protective elements made out of PCV, elastomers, leather or textile fabric to protect moving parts from foreign matter and people from unwanted contact.  Whether cylindrical, rectangular or conical, with zips or Velcro there are almost no limits - because MS Protect manufactures everything in house, so customers can request almost any design or quantity that they could possibly want.

Since 2007, MS Protect GmbH has delivered airbags and sliding rail protectors to the whole world from Asia to the rest of Europe to America and of course each of the products proudly carries the label "Made in Bielefeld".


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