Peaceful Driving

Acoustic drive comfort through innovative sound insulation

Hardly anyone knows these products from Bielefeld, but many drivers feel their benefits.  The main vehicles from the Volkswagen Group, the best-selling cars in Europe, from the Golf to the Audi A8, delight by pleasantly insulating the engine noise.  This is otherwise known as front-wall insulation, which acoustically separates the engine compartment from the passenger compartment.

Developed in Bielefeld, partly-patented product concepts and methods form the basis for innovative acoustic components.  For physical reasons, good sound insulation can actually be as difficult to create as it is possible to imagine.  The isolators from Bielefeld are sometimes so light that even the most super-lightweight Porsche sports cars can be equipped with them.

Behind these developments there stands a highly-motivated, experienced team of engineers, chemists and physicists with a profound depth of knowledge and years of experience in the industry.  Currently with 140 employees, Dr. Friest Automotive Bielefeld GmbH produces about one million end-wall-insulation units per year serving customers throughout Europe.  The innovative acoustic solutions are also used in household appliances, construction and other industries.  Well-equpped chemical, physics and acoustical laboratory facilities support the development process.

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