Böllhoff Piercing Rivets in the Fast Lane

... in the Porsche 911

The Böllhoff Group, headquartered in Bielefeld, specializes in jointing- and screwing-technology and delivered 50 process-monitored RIVSET self-piercing-rivet systems to the Porsche factory in Zuffenhausen.  

In the body of the Porsche 911, these are used mainly at the front of the car, but also at the rear.  The front of sports cars is subject to particularly high demands in terms of crash performance.  The solution came from Bielefeld.  Bölhoff provided Porsche with both assembly systems and the RIVSET piercing rivets.

The self-piercing-rivet systems, which were specially developed for Porsche, are characterized by high flexibility.  Among other things, different processing tools and types of rivets can be used on compact supply units.  The rivet-setting tools can be used both while stationary and via a robot.  The quality is very high.  The ongoing monitoring of production processes can be reliably calculated.  The data from several tools is displayed in a visualization in a central control room and can be analysed and archived accordingly.  This provides the customer with detailed documentation of process data over the entire production period.  The process-control surfaces of the systems have been designed specifically for the Porsche production.

The family-run Böllhoff group, which was founded in 1877, has become the world's leading provider of self-piercing rivets and processing systems of its own production - the best-quality connections from Bielefeld.

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