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Marketing Research Findings: How Does Advertising Affect Us Amid the Abundance Of It?

Can you remember what the last advertisement was which you saw or heard? If not, then you're about the same as most other people in these times of information overload: while you're driving your car or having a bite to eat at home, or relaxing on the couch, an endless stream of advertising messages wash over you from the radio or television. You don't really pay attention, but you are subconsciously absorbing the content (if you are aware of it in any sense at all).
Creating meaningfully informative analyses of the effects of advertising under these conditions is a task central to the work of Interrogare, which it masters with its self-developed marketing research tool "Emotional Branding Monitor". This procedure is applied to identify not the rational, conscious process connected with advertising, but the subconscious, emotion-directed effects of brand communication.

Because neuroscientific findings underline this fact: we make far fewer thought-out, conscious decisions than was long assumed. Automatic judgment processes, controlled by routines and emotions, help us to survive the daily rush of information overkill, time pressure and never-ending decisions.

Thus, successful advertising absolutely requires a targeted release of emotions. In a best-case scenario it connects to the human emotional system, and occupies a positive "emotional position". Ideally, a buying decision is made without any conscious decision ever coming into play.
The basis for this is represented by the "7 basal emotion systems": dominance, search, playing/pleasure, lust/eroticism, providence, balance, scepticism/worry. For example, a study conducted by Interrogare on the TV ad spot for the Audi 2012 brand campaign showed a stronger-than-average resonance in the emotional system "playing/pleasure". With elements such as joy in living, carefree attitudes and dynamics, Audi distinguishes itself strongly from the competition. Another finding from the study is that the high positive level of emotional brand perception has a very positive impact on the likelihood of choosing the Audi brand for the next car purchase.

The marketing research institute Interrogare brings to companies results which provide security in their decision-making processes: regarding the effects of advertising, the brand image, but also in many other areas of marketing research and digital media research.

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