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Automated recruitment

Is it difficult to find good staff? Not necessarily! A young Bielefeld start-up has taken advantage of Google’s logic, and posts job advertisements onto Google on behalf of corporations, medium businesses and individual retailers. Various personnel companies have also already included persomatch in their portfolios.

The whole thing is an automated process that makes recruitment as simple as possible. The customer specifies the radius in which the advert should be posted. After that, all the information for the advert is determined step-by-step and advertised with Google AdWords. A few minutes later, the advert can be found on Google. If the business has an internet site with an application portal, the potential new employee is linked to it straight away, and can find more information about their potential employer. They can also upload their application along with their CV. For companies without their own homepage, persomatch offers a landing page, so that the customer can review and process the application there and then. The advert is available on the internet for 30 days - with absolutely no commitment to a subscription.

The benefit of persomatch is that the advert is displayed right at the top of Google's search results. With tailor-made search terms, the posts to be filled are so precisely defined that job seekers are only shown exactly what matches their search. It’s very regional and very specific. The advantage of persomatch over classic advertisements in print media, amongst others, is that the job application is not just in a newspaper for one day, but available for 30 days on the internet, which everyone can access.

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