This pig is as crafty as a fox

Economical colour changing with the individual pigging system by Oltrogge

In this sense, pig does not mean an animal which loves to roll in mud, but a clever cleaning system based on pipes and hoses and used in paint technology. The pig from Bielefeld, is a particularly efficient and economical example of this. Using up to 95 percent less paint and 70 percent less flushing medium per colour change, Oltrogge's pigging system is a real penny pincher – the payback period is less than one year.

The concept combines the pigging system with a so-called exchange cover system. Thus, the consumption of conventional systems with loops is significantly undercut. At the same time, interesting design details and a sophisticated cleaning concept also generate time savings of about 90 percent per change cycle. The ergonomically perfect design is available for both new installations as well as existing coating systems and can be adapted to the development situation of the customer. Sensors and controllers are designed for product safety.

Oltrogge designs and supplies ink supply stations, bins and spaces. The system vendor for technical products, system solutions and services provider, is head quartered in Bielefeld. The main focus of the enterprise which is now headed-up by Klaus-Dierk and Daniel, the fifth generation of the Oltrogge family, is in the divisions of tools, machine tools, compressed air, welding and surface treatment. Oltrogge employs approximately 210 employees at five locations and is a strategic partner for approximately 15,000 customers.

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